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Australians Born In August

This month's Australian birthdays include two very different authors. One was a famous doctor who wrote Nuclear Madness, and the other wrote the childhood favourite Mary Poppins. Yes, Mary Poppins was written by an Aussie. More Aussie birthdays this month include Australia's first nude male centrefold, plus musicians, actors, athletes and politicians. For those no longer with us, it's a way to remember them too.

  • 6 August 1961 Daryl Somers
    Australian TV host Hey Hey It's Saturday, Gold Logie 1983
  • 8 August 1935 John Laws
    Australian radio personality (nickname Golden Tonsils)
  • 29 August 1890 Richard Casey
    1st Australian Ambassador to USA, 1969 Australian of Year
  • 30 August 1985 Leisel Jones
    Australian swimmer, 3 gold in 2002 Commonwealth Games
  • and 4 Australian Prime Ministers

See all the August Birthdays

 Thank You Cards

It's always nice to let someone know you appreciate what they did.  Our  Patriotic Ta card and the cute roo in Brief Thank You are a great way to tell them with Aussie style.

We also have Lorikeet Thank You and Blossom Thank You with flowers for a traditional message. Share a smile and say hello with our free Greeting Cards today.


Editor's Blog

We Get Mail

Australian Military Report

Some of the questions I receive are from students working on a school project. Gene asked if we had any military information.

Australian Military Resources

We have quite a few resources on our website about the Australian military.

In Australian Slang

Military Slang

In Australian Stories and Poems

War by CJ Dennis

Our Own Flag by Banjo Paterson
Heart of Australia by Henry Lawson

Australian War Song by Henry Kendall

Democracy in Australia

definition. A system of government in which power is vested in the people, who rule either directly or through freely elected representatives.

Need to take your power back?

They Vote For You website

I am so very impressed with this website. It gives you a wealth of info without taking sides in any issue. That's very rare today.

You can look up policies like carbon price, ABC funding, fishing restrictions, HECS debts, compensating terrorism victims, renewable energy, and so much more.

It shows you how each politician voted, how every party voted, what was in each



In Tall Poppy

Victoria Cross Recipients

In Australian Songs

I'm Going Back to Yarrawonga
Dinky Di
The Anzac – Bravest Thing God Ever Made

In Games

Anzac Day Word Search

In Australian Websites

For more help with research, try some of the Australian websites I've listed on this page

Australian Military including Anzac websites

Australian Women Writers

Stefania asked for information about women writers in Australia. That sounds like another school project.

In Australian Stories and Poems

We have several women writers on our website

Ethel Castilla
Ethel C. Pedley
Louisa Lawson
Mary Gilmore
Mary Hannay Foott
Caroline Carleton
Inez Hyland

Read more from our blog

bill, and the outcome. All with links to even more information. If you're really interested in what the government (all political parties) is doing in your name, TheyVoteForYou is a must see website.

Planning Alerts website

Is your favourite store, cinema or restaurant a few blocks away being converted into something you don't want in your neighborhood?

PlanningAlerts is a free service searching planning authority websites for development applications in your area and then emails you their details.

June 2015 a group of Google volunteer engineers teamed up with the OpenAustraliaFoundation volunteers to help PlanningAlerts expand their coverage to 2 million more Aussies. Bravo Google.

Right to Know website

A very interesting read from average Aussies making over 1,100 Freedom of Information Requests and the replies they received from the Australian government.

Contacting Australian Elected Representatives

Angry about what's going on in Australian politics, have a question or need help? Try these links.

  Parliament of Australia - Members
   includes email, facebook and twitter accounts
  Parliament of Australia - Contacting Members
   includes postal addresses, phone and fax numbers

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